EFnet IRC spiritual channels (chat rooms) (and IRCnet #yoga) official page

    Efnet IRC is the oldest chat room network. Its spiritual channels/'rooms' include the #gnosis, hermetism, #mysticism & #esoteric & #occult (linked,) #pagan, #philalethia (philosophy,) #spirit & #spiritual (usually biggest) & #spirituality (linked), #yoga (linked with IRCnet #yoga), and many unlisted chat rooms. You can connect to the EFnet rooms through the links above, their names in the menu to the left, an IRC client program (which can also connect to the others), or for #yoga, the Know Buddhism site. The rooms may be old but started in their current form in the mid-2000s (except #platonic_philosophy, 2014). They are open for discussion for all relevant philosophical/spiritual topics, such as (in #platonic_philosophy, a polite alternative to EFnet's older larger philosophy channels) ancient - Classical worlwide/Western philosophy, and (for #yoga) Yoga in Indian philosophies & religions, modern Yoga, and, to some extent, ecumenism involving Yoga, as in the IRCnet room. The EFnet and IRCnet rooms' (listed here) constitution and rules are the EFnet Philosophical/Spiritual Chat Rooms Constitution And Rules. If you need help or have a rules question on EFnet, please message an operator/'moderator'/'administrator'.

Facebook Group We don't recommend you use Facebook, but if you do, there's an EFnet IRC Spiritual Channels Facebook group.

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